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Pig Hunting With Dogs

Hawaiian pig hunters have a couple methods that they use to hunt wild pigs. One method used very often includes the help of tracking & grabbing dogs. The hunters locate the area where the hunt will take place and release the dogs. The dogs pick up the scent and track the wild pig or pigs. Once found, the dogs start barking & sometimes grabs the pig until the hunters reach them. This can be very dangerous for the dogs if you come across a nice big wild boar because of it’s tusks. Also, if your dogs range far you better be in great shape to get to the pig before it’s shredded! When the hunter reaches the pig he’ll either call off his dogs & shoot or grabs the hind legs while his partner knifes it in the vitals. Another way is to grab the hind legs and knock the pig down & place one foot behind the pigs ear/neck area and knife the pig in the vitals or throat. There are many different ways of “taking out” the pig, so just use your own judgment when the time comes. Although this method can get a bit noisy it is the most favorable method used today.

Archery Stalking

Another method used here in Hawaii is stalking with a bow. The hunter finds the pig trail or area that the pigs feed, sleep or live in & finds a spot downwind so that they will not pick up his scent, duh…lol. He then sets himself up possibly in a tree, behind some trees or bushes and begin the “waiting”. As the wild pigs start to move on the trail, the hunter becomes selective and shoots wisely at his target to get a good hit in it’s vitals making it a fast & clean kill. Bow hunting takes more physical effort, skill, and patience. Pig hunting can be as dangerous as it is challenging even for an experienced hunter so be careful, be safe & have fun!

Here in Hawaii you are sure to find different ways to hunt wild boars, especially if you grew up here. Hunting with dogs & knives, archery, baiting (cheating method)…lol, stalking with a rifle, even roping from horses, which by the way is a “paniolo” or hawaiian cowboy method. They’d chase the pig on horseback & rope ‘um like it was a calf.

I remember hearing a story of one of my uncles who actually killed a 120# wild boar by drowning him in a nearby pond in Waipi’o Valley. While working in the valley his dogs barked the pig on the hill side, of course he had to answer to call the dogs off. He didn’t even have his knife with him. Started off using a rock and ended up rolling down the hill into the pond and drowned it. Whatever your “style” of hunting is be sure to always be careful, be safe & have fun!

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