The Outsiders are not a clan yet, but they aspire to achieve that status, having ownership of trails and the respect of the other hunters in the jungle. Big Joe is an outsider because he was born in Oklahoma. His parents divorced when he was 12 years old, and his mother brought him to the Big Island to start a new life. Big Joe’s father taught him to hunt white-tailed deer, wild hog and mountain sheep, and he took those skills with him to the Big Island, where the local elders educated him in the ways of the jungle. Big Joe learned early on that to hunt the prime areas of the jungle, you must ask for permission from the clans who maintain and claim ancestral heritage to those trails.

Mark is also an outsider—he was born on the military base outside Hilo. His father, a decorated Navy Seal, was stationed on the Big Island and chose to remain there after leaving the service. Mark learned the ways of the jungle from his father until they had a falling out. Then he met Big Joe, and they started to hunt together.

After some time, the pair realized that as outsiders they would always be at the mercy of the powerful hunting clans unless they created their own trails and made a name for themselves in the jungle.

Photo and write-up provided by history channel. see link below.

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