They think before the tribes, the tribes think before you buy them, everyone's happy with no one feels the need to start up a Gridanian-style vendetta over some chopped trees.Of course, there is the possibility, odd though it may seem, that Xelphatol isn't a main scenario dungeon. The Great Gubal Library could possibly be what merits an article-based return trip.What we know from the main scenario thus far is the fact it's likely to involve the Warriors of Darkness, which means that Alisaie and Urianger are about to be playing parts from the unfolding drama. And we know the FF14 Gil Great Gubal Library contains some tomes appealing to both from the above, especially after certain story stingers that any of us've seen on the way. Could that be why we're acquiring a hard mode for any dungeon not so long ago inside our memory?I do not know. I do know that this can be an interesting wrench inside the sequence of dungeons with hard modes, though. A shame, I was looking toward Snowcloak.
Grand Company updatesHooray, in the end we'll have something new to accomplish here! This is really a system which has been unfortunately stagnant for quite a little while, and I'm desirous to see how a whole Squadron system plays out. The interface we've been shown certainly is harking back to Garrisons, and to become real, I would accomplishment be surprised if Final Fantasy 14 Gil dropped that entire system in the middle of any patch cycle the same as it weren't no thing. What gives me pause is we've been specifically told there's content you can challenge with our squadrons, which means something very diverse from just passively sending them out and seeing whatever they bring back. Especially since that ultimately sounds being a light reskinning of retainer ventures anyhow. I'm very curious regarding how this is about to shake out, also as what players can expect on the new gear; the fact that it is doable solo gives me hope and will provide additional stuff to the more solo-happy community inside game.

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