The best bounty hunters speak softly…and carry quality blasters

And killed us pretty badly with both powerful melee attacks and Force push powers that sent us sprawling. She was more manageable the next time around, and when we'd finished her off, we reported back for the bridge to discover that considering that the captain had finished up succeeding as part of his original mission, he previously had evaded the wrath of his superiors…for now. We received a fat reward of credits and experience points and were then free to SWTOR Credits Buy get back to our solo adventures. Which took us, by spaceport, to Dromund Kaas.
Dromund Kaas would be the Imperial homeworld, as well as capital, the citadel, serves pretty much precisely the same purpose because factional capital cities you've noticed in other games this way. Unlike Hutta, that's all poisonous yellow deserts and poisonous yellow swamps, Dromund Kaas is lush, dark, and mostly covered in jungles that block your sun--except with the capital itself, that can the form of the gigantic and persistently dark city shrouded by row after row of storm clouds that periodically spit out bolts of lightning. The citadel offers vendors of all kinds of items, profession trainers for every single profession within the Imperial side, crafting skill trainers, merchants SWTOR Credits for sale that sell every style of item (including companion gifts), crafting stations of most types, and even more class-based quests than you may shake a lightsaber at. In our hurry to power through just as much story content as it can be, we didn't get most of an opportunity to explore some with this ancillary content--by way of example, we trained our character in just two crafting skills (again, all characters can learn nearly three)--with this case, treasure hunting and scavenging.

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