That's not to state that questing in FFXIV is not good

That's not to state that questing in FFXIV is not good. It's just it's not as effective as questing in WoW. And that's without even stepping into how keen World Quests are.Advantage: WoWCombatIf we had been having this discussion before Legion, it may be a different discussion. But nobody is, and also the fact from the matter is always that both combat systems get their ups and downs. FFXIV‘s frequent ground effect indicators and combos are very satisfying, but so might be WoW‘s straightforward and effective rotations that turn out doing about the maximum amount of (with fewer buttons) as FFXIV‘s more elaborate setup.
I seem like quite somewhat of Legion‘s combat takes pages on the feel of combat in FFXIV, but I consider that your positive as an alternative to a drawback, and so they're still both very distinct. At the end on the day, I can't call a single one better than one other; hmo's is slower plus much more strategic and management-focused, while FFXIV Gil aforementioned is faster plus more immediate. They're both fun and both well-handled.Advantage: TieCraftingWoW has this type of fundamentally messy crafting system that Legion basically throws the complete thing out and helps you to start over in the increase with a completely new system of learning, and will still be just a case of "run down these components, then wait for just a bar to fill." There's some quests for learning stuff, that is it.
FFXIV, electrical systems, has eight whole classes specialized in crafting making use of their own mechanics, equipment, design, and challenges.All of the goes for gathering likewise, although you will find only three gathering classes; I'm grouping them Final Fantasy XIV Gil together here due to the fact WoW doesn't produce a distinction between gathering or crafting like a skill. But there's really no contest.Advantage: FFXIVLeveling contentTwo big things work to WoW's advantage here. The first is the fact that many chunks of leveling might be bypassed through several means; that you do not need to always do zones inside the same order with an alt, which enables it to easily bypass some or all over dungeoneering, especially with massive increases to see earned as you go along. That's helped because of the fact which the trip from 30-40 is one area a given character needs to produce once, unlike the multiple trips for FFXIV characters.

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