For the time being buy gold classic wow let us

For the time being buy gold classic wow let us get WoW Classic first. Let them deliver it in the closest kind to Vanilla as you can. Obviously WoW Classic will go stale after 2-3 years because there's no additional development, but THAT is exactly the time for such changes. THAT will be the time to decide whether to go on to TBC for a preservation projectto create WoW Classic further, down a different path. A match with Vanilla WoW philosophy but new content and fresh metas.

I feel that most people will play WoW Classic till a stage where they break of getting restricted mana, becoming one shotted, wiping 300+ times, things getting stolen, every guild trying to replicate Leeroy Jenkins, too much grind, poor luck strike, bad luck wipes (taunt miss for instance ), and many many many other shit that they never saw before will create them either quit WoW Classic or return to retail. That's my perspective. I had been kicked out of a guild in TBC since"I lose mana too fast". One more thing; I really agree with your point of some specs are not going to be seen played in raid is going to be a game breaker. As myself I will play enhancement shaman on account of the broken windfury they'd had, but I believe that I am not going to stop playing retail too due to the fact that I'm actually enjoying it (Yeah I fucking know retail is trash waah waah).

I actually love the images and the story, and I believe what blizzard did in terms of course balancing and changes isn't great but great for most of specs. One final point old doesn't need to be golden WoW Classic will not be still a victory if blizzard did not work their asses off to make all this huge content which"is not worth my 12 bucks". I really like WoW I have been playing since TBC and that I adore what blizzard is doing, it was great and great. This very one last thing I constantly wanted to state SOO was actually a very cool raid with very amazing mechanics with entire lot variety of it (perhaps not youpersonally, you fucking bastard goblin boring shit boss). Regardless of the collapse of a race reveal they finished the explanation with a badass fight and an epic ending.

Do not think WoW Classic will endure for too long, possibly wow classic gold in 1 year will be dead. What many of the players desire from the WoW Classic launch is nostalgia, and nostalgia is essentially a memory of the feeling of"good old times" denying or ignoring the disadvantage of it. Many players will feel the difficult reality that WoW Classic won't be what they anticipate to be, that they don't fully remember what used to be the slow mechanisms, the slow leveling, the garbage boss mechanics etc.. They need something that Blizzard can not give for them, which was only possible in 2004 because WoW was a exceptional game, a rare game that may give to them a unique experience. Today many MMORPGs will be release in 2019+ that are way more attractive that WoW today and WoW Classic can be but many players don't wanna the emotional breakup with all the Warcraft franchise.

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