What Is Yeast Intolerance and How It Affects You

Stepping lightly with your environmental  GRS Ultra Review footprint also has a wonderful way of making anyone embracing a plant-based diet feel like they are connected to something greater than themselves. It's a way of saying, "thank you" to Mother Earth. The thing with food is if you don't make it yourself how can you really be 100% sure what's in it? The scary thing is food companies don't normally give you all the ingredients, or you just may not know the ones that are seriously bad for you!

I didn't think so. This is one of there best kept secrets that I want everyone to know about! Let me first explain what they are. Hydrogenated oils are industrially produced, chemically altered oils which are put through extremely high pressure and heat, with added industrial solvents like hexane for extraction, and will have metal catalyst added to promote the artificial hydrogenation and finally bleach and deodorizing agents are added. Now that might sound a little overwhelming at first. These oils are added into food though, or food is cooked in these oils! Does it sound like something you would want to eat? There put into food to chemically alter them. So the food comes out with 'low fat' or 'low calories'. I'm sure you've seen that branded across food before! So these foods are classed as the healthy foods, foods we should eat to lose weight and for a healthy lifestyle.

The fact is there very unhealthy and very bad for our body's. The added chemicals in the food have to be disposed of once consumed. This is down to your kidney, which also has other jobs like BURNING FAT. So if your kidney is occupied getting rid of these harmful chemicals the fat is just going to be stored and therefore you will end up putting weight on! Hows that a solution to losing weight? Also refined oils go through pretty much the same process as the hydrogenated oils so steer clear of these to!

Foods to avoid then. Anything processed, ready meals, anything that seems to good to be true, take aways, fast food, etc. These oils have been linked to obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and more! The smallest amount of these fats say 1 to 2 grams can cause serious damage. Now let's put that into perspective. The average fast food chips will probably contain around 4 to 5 grams! So if 1 to 2 grams is dangerous imagine what 5 grams is going to do, and that's just from the chips. What about the cookies, cakes, chicken fingers, donuts and other foods like this people eat on a regular basis.

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