Another common cause of SI joint pain is Erase My Back Pain Review  pregnancy. During the stages of pregnancy the body releases special hormones in preparation for childbirth that help relax the ligaments. The resultant relaxing of the joint structure and increased pregnant body weight can cause problems. Add on top of this the changed walking and standing posture of pregnancy and you have a recipe for sacroiliac joint pain.

Also any change or problem in the lower half of the body that disrupts the walking or gait cycle could cause SI problems. A leg length discrepancy, where one leg is longer than the other can do this. Also any injury to the lower back, foot, hip, knee or ankle can all result in a abnormal pattern of walking that places undue stress on the sacroiliac and causes joint problems.

Females tend to be more prone to sacroiliac joint pain than males. This may be due to the anatomical differences in the bone structure of the body. There are two things that aggravate the sacroiliac joint. When sleeping on the side, the top thigh can drop in and this opens up the SI area in a suspended and relaxed position. To prevent this it is recommended to sleep with a pillow placed between the legs. The other aggravating factor is cross legged sitting that is so typical of females. This puts the SI in a vulnerable position while bearing weight. The solution for this one is easy, just stop sitting cross legged.

Physical therapy for SI joint pain can be great. Yoga and pilates offer excellent benefits. Improving flexibility in stiff and tight areas can help reduce any compensation of the sacroiliac joints. Also building core stability can go a long way to helping take any excess stress off the pelvis. Remember the benefits and changes in the body may not be felt immediately with these activities, so it may require a slight commitment before you reap the rewards.

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