It takes time, effort and  The Flat Belly Formula Review  research to learn how to lose weight the correct way. It's a bit more difficult to learn how to do so safely and in a way that won't cause any health difficulties later on. It's recommended to seek medical advice before starting a weight loss plan, particularly one designed to promote rapid weight loss as the ultimate goal.More than half of the people in this country need to lose weight. However, many people would rather try quick-fix weight loss solutions rather than doing it the right way, by changing how they eat and live. Using laxatives to lose weight is one of the most common shortcuts. The benefits of this are nothing more than a lie.

That's because laxatives do nothing to reduce the food, and therefore calories, you consume. Laxatives work to artificially stimulate the bowels, causing abdominal cramping and a sense of urgency. Matter is forced from the body as a result of the stimulation of the bowels. But most of what is expelled is water, not fat. One may seem lose two or three pounds using laxatives, but as soon as their use is stopped, the weight is put back on as we rehydrate our bodies.

Excessive use of laxatives can lead to some serious health problems of its own. It can become impossible for a person to have a regular bowel movement without the aid of a laxative. The rectum is forcing out waste, it can often suffer skin tearing, which causes bleeding and the risk of infection that is caused by waste coming in contact with the open tears around the rectal area. One can become seriously dehydrated and weak, unable to function in a normal manner.

Numerous people have claimed that taking laxatives will expedite weight loss and make maintaining a low body weight possible. This information should not be trusted or believed, because it is flat-out wrong. In truth, using laxatives to lose weight could be tantamount to an eating disorder, much like bulimia. The biggest difference is that bulimics use purgatives to make them vomit up the food they eat and force any that stays down out of the system by a laxative action while the use of laxatives is slightly milder and does not usually involve vomiting.

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