Urticarial Rash - How To Identify Urticarial Rashes

The causes can vary from allergic to  Auvela Skincare Review non-allergic reactions. Allergic reactions can occur due to any food item or drug. Non-allergic reactions can be fever, infection, overheating, digestive imbalance, stress, too much exertion or heavy perspiration. Recommended is to try the simple, appropriate and easily accessible natural remedies to get relief from urticaria. As soon as you start to have itching and burning on your skin, you can apply several items on your wheals like calamine lotion, milk of magnesium (it is an alkaline solution), Aloe Vera gel, several homeopathic herbs like henna, sandal wood, cassia, basil etc. They will provide you comfort instantly and reduce the swellings.

Stabilize your metabolism to avoid urticaria, drink mixture of peppermint leaves and brown sugar boiled together in water. Boil Nettle in water, add honey in it if you want to make the taste better, when you will drink this tea you will feel relieved. If it is not available then green tea can also taken as an alternative. Turmeric powder added in warm milk and drank one or two times a day can heal this skin allergy. While taking baths you can add oatmeal in it or half cup of cornstarch and half cup of baking soda in the to prevent the skin from burning and itching.

To correct the digestive system, ginger juice or its powder mixed (one teaspoon) in a glass of water can be consumed. Take mixture of salt in water or ginger juice to stabilize the digestive system. This is a part of treatment; diet should be strict in order to stop the triggers causing urticaria conditions. Vitamins like A, C, D and E are very important in this condition. Mineral like zinc should also be there in the diet. Therefore, fresh fruits like pineapples, papayas, apples, pears and grapes are very beneficial. Raw vegetables especially onion, lemon juice, ginger and garlic should also be taken. Lots and lots of clean water are required to be drunk daily. Caffeine or alcoholic items will have to minimized or totally removed from the diet because they are triggers.

Pale red blotches on any part of the skin that is swelling and very itchy occurs due to the skin allergy known as urticaria. It is a chemical imbalance occurred due to some other factor either physical or mental and lasts for few hours. It happens one or two times in a day and keeps on happening every month if the patient is careless. The causes of urticaria include, getting overheated, excessive perspiration, food or drug allergies etc.

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