Type The Maplestory M Mesos people will selling there stuff for cash if you stop buying the stuff then eventually However that is never going to happen in a sense we need to learn how to dealBringing back the MTS or placing NX allowed in the Auction home will not solve something but make things worse They shot the MTS out bc of exploits and


individuals getting hacked out there Thats just going to occur Placing NX from the AH might help a little but it will be manipulated like no other since it involves cash just like the MTS was People will need to take this match more seriously if they need a better match not just Nexon but the players tooCan MapleStory HighV boxes be


deletedst of all yes I see that they were delted at midnight Since hottimes technically reset at midnight PST I assumed they meant midnight PST Especially since thats much closer to care timeInstead Im imagining my  V boxes disappeared because they set it to midnight GMT with no true sign of it being GMT from the description or


even the information article or the forum Maple M Mesos articleSo I saved them to open them tonight because they would have filled my stock with scrolls yesterdaybut nevertheless nexon is too hard to conduct a line of code and delete the items during maintenance instead they would instead put new boxes to get a brand new patch in prior to the

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