Treating Hangovers Quickly With This Homeopathic Medicine

Two of the different forms of acupuncture  Fibrolief Review that are currently practiced are classical Chinese acupuncture and Western Medical acupuncture. Classical Chinese acupuncture is based on Taoist thought and elements of naturalism. It has been practiced continuously for thousands of years. Classical Chinese acupuncture believes that the body is affected by separate energies, the yin and the yang, and this energy makes up the person's Qi (Chi). When these energies become unbalanced, it can lead to illness and pain. By placing needles into some of the 2000 acupuncture points on the human body, classical Chinese acupuncture is reputed to relieve the energy imbalance in the body and restore the flow of Qi.

The traditional ideas of meridians, points and Qi are not utilized in Western medical acupuncture. Instead, it draws on scientific knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. Practitioners of this technique believe that correct placement of needles stimulate the central nervous system, releasing endorphins and other chemicals which help to dull pain and boost the immune system. Practical differences between these methods include how needles are placed and the number of needles used. Western acupuncture typically places fewer needles than classical Chinese acupuncture and leaves them in the patient for a much shorter period of time.

Many people are cynical about the value of acupuncture in either form. However, countless patients who have received acupuncture therapy report life changing results. Due to the benefits of acupuncture, people have been able to manage chronic pain conditions without drugs, stop smoking and even overcome infertility. In 1997, the United States National Institute of Health released a study which supports acupuncture's efficacy in treating certain types of chronic pain as well as some other conditions. Studies have found that acupuncture works because the needles that are utilized stimulate the body to produce natural steroids and release endorphins. The steroids decrease inflammation and the endorphins reduce pain. Some research has indicated that acupuncture is, in certain cases, far more effective at managing pain than many prescription drugs.

Practitioners of acupuncture believe that the body has great capacity to heal itself, and placing needles at certain points can stimulate the body's natural healing process. This helps the body to reduce pain and inflammation, increase circulation, enhance the immune system, and promote physical and emotional well being. Acupuncture pain management is a safe, drug-free method to help relieve or eliminate pain in the body. In fact, it has been found to work so well that veterinarians are also using acupuncture on pets, such as cats and dogs. In addition to pain management, many acupuncturists treat various other conditions including allergies, infertility, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, immune disorders, and smoking.

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