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They could try to buy a franchise, but is that  Speak and Inspire Review really wise in a recession? I don't think so. Or they could take their hearts in their hands, and take control of their lives, decide to step outside the box, and realize their true potential. By this I mean, they could go into business for themselves. Take control for their decisions, reap all the financial benefits themselves and perhaps even live their dreams out.

So what is around? Well like I said there are franchises, but these are expensive and whilst they could leave you with £80,000 profit after a year of really hard work, stress and running around (similar to your old job) the thought of investing £150/200,000 in a franchise would make most people run for the hills. We have followed a different life path. We have decided that we want total control of our lives, total control of the outcome of our actions, total freedom to live as we want to live. So what did we do? We joined together in a community of like minded people. We all want, think and believe the same things. Yes we want to make money and some of us make 6 figure incomes month in month out, but it is more than that.

It is equally about control of our time and efforts and it is about leveraging our time and efforts.We could have chosen to be employees (we once were) but we realized that we were only making money for someone else. We saw that 1 in 100 people retire comfortably at 65. That just was not good enough. We could have become self employed - we would have had more time but still we would have to trade time for money and we know that only 5% of small businesses are around 10 years later. So that wasn't so hot either.

So we chose the only real way forward to our goals. We decided to become large business owners. Our business makes money whether we are there or not. We leverage our time and efforts. This is a time tested model used by Donald Trump and the Big families in America like the Kennedys and Rockafellas for years and years. It works for them, it works for us. The final road we follow is that of being investors. We make money work for us, we do not work for money. We have time, we have freedom and we have control.

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