Trade Your Fear of Failure For a Love of Success

"If you could figure out how  Becoming Limitless Review  to serve another human being, if you could figure out how to give them your product or your service, and figure out how to get that to the masses and serve them and do well for them, you'll be rewarded with riches."If one person can make a living, and I'm not talking about just getting by, doing something they love surely another can as well. There's a growing opinion that doing work that you're passionate about will soon not be a luxury but a necessity.Globalisation is making the job market more and more competitive. A consequence of this is that increasingly you will need to do work you love because this is when you do your best work. And, just as you may find your job a grind, someone out there just loves to do and is very good at doing what you do. As a result, they will generally perform better than you. So increasingly, the chances are that if you're not doing work you love, you may find yourself out of a job.

The trouble is that many people have shut down their dreams and cease to strive for major goals. Children tend to have grand dreamers but by the time we reach our 50s only about 5% of us still have dreams. The rest of us have settled into the humdrum of life. Most people are just marking time waiting for the inevitable - death.The 5% who still keep their dreams alive generally are also individuals who have no major illnesses, are independently wealthy and elite in their line of work. This is in stark contrast to the majority of people. The grim reality is that as well as having no dreams, 95% of 50 year olds will have ill health and no financial security.

The other issue is that many people lack clarity about what it is they love to do. They have denied their heart's desire for so long that it becomes difficult to express what they really want. Some people are actually fearful of articulating their desires. They may think they will be laughed at just for having the idea or that if they didn't achieve their goal they would be ridiculed. Some are afraid of the work that would be involved to do the work they love. Yet, what they fail to realise is that they will have to work just as hard doing work they detest and that it's taking a toll on their health, family life, social life and bank balance.

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