The Top Ways to Be Noticed Personally and Professionally

The Common Denominator of No BS Manifesting Course   Sales So, if the successful form the habit of doing things unsuccessful people won't do, what are the things they don't like to do? Well, that depends on what field they're in. Let's take sales as our first example. Sales success means calling on people who may not be interested in what we have to offer. It's called prospecting.

Unsuccessful people simply haven't figured out innovative or creative ways of getting the interest of those who could benefit from their product or service. Maybe they haven't narrowed their target market enough. Maybe they haven't researched a prospect's business to the degree they can show a benefit from buying what they have to sell. No, it just takes too much effort do research or think creatively. But successful people will. Successful sales people understand that to get an appointment with a few select prospects they'll have to make a dozen or more calls, at various times of the day, before an appointment gets made. But they do it anyway.

The Common Denominator of Writing Let's consider the field of writing. As a published author, I regularly hear people say, "I've always wanted to write a book." When asked "why don't you?" I hear excuses like "I just can't get started," or "I don't write well," or "I'm not sure anyone would be interested," or... well, you get the idea. They want the title of author but they don't necessarily want to take the time to actually write something. I once heard a radio interview with a prolific author and writer. He was taking calls from listeners and one of them said: "You've written so many books and articles, I see your work everywhere, how do you find the time?" The author's response was: "Madam, I write something every day, without exception."

The Common Denominator of (You Pick the Topic It doesn't matter what you do, it doesn't matter what field you're in, the common denominator for your success will be to simply do those things you need to do to become successful. Not sure what those things are? Then find someone who has been successful in your field, buy that person lunch and ask. Successful people are happy to share the "secrets" of their success and, guess what? There are no"secrets." What you'll find is that that individual, in that specific field, is simply doing what the unsuccessful aren't doing - or won't do.

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