Is epoxy resin AB glue the best adhesive? AB glue is another name for the two-liquid mixed hardened glue. One liquid is the glue, and one liquid is the hardener. The two liquid phases can be hardened. It is not hard to ripen by the temperature, so it is a type of room temperature hardened glue. Models are sometimes used. Generally used in industry. Commonly used refers to acrylic modified epoxy or epoxy glue. The A component is an acrylic modified epoxy or epoxy resin, or contains a catalyst and other additives. The B component is a modified amine or other hardener, or contains a catalyst and other additives. Mix by a certain percentage. The catalyst can control the curing time, and other additives can control properties (such as viscosity, toughness, flexibility, adhesion, etc.). Modified Acrylic Modified Epoxy or Epoxy Adhesive has quick-drying characteristics. After AB mixing, it will dry at 25°C for 5 minutes, and the higher the temperature, the shorter the dry-out time. Can be bonded to plastics and plastics, plastics and metals, metals and metals, peeling after bonding requires cutting or hot melt separation. Plastics and plastics have an excellent bonding effect, almost equal to the strength of ABS, and are widely used in hand-made production improvements. The epoxy AB glue is a two-component epoxy glue. In addition to its high adhesive strength, high hardness, and high chemical resistance, epoxy resin adhesives also have anti-yellowing effects. Even if the vertical surface or suspended ceiling ceiling scratches do not sag. AB glue matching fast dispensing system AB glue has a high adhesive strength, but there are also some deficiencies, such as a long curing time, manual mixing uneven Causes poor curing, heavy odors, and so on. Currently, there is a rapid dispensing system that can be solved. This system has been popularized in foreign countries and has not been popularized in China. Most people use traditional methods for dispensing glue. This system consists of three major parts: glue gun, two-component syringe, and mixing tube. The glue factory uses a two-component syringe to pre-package and store the AB glue in the AB glue barrel.

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