In a broader sense a word can  No BS Manifesting Course  also be an agreement or covenant between two parties, an expression whether verbal, written, or physical. It can be a constitution, a law, a party platform, impressions, thought, a dramatic presentation, a picture, a book or the theme of a movie. It can be anything communicated. A word can be a lie or a truth - government propaganda - "trash talk" in a ball game - a speech by a famous personality - Hollywood gossip. It can even be body language,.

My point is that one should understand that a word is not just a written substance with vowels, consonants, and relative meaning. A word can be an involved communication in an abstract setting or subjective form. It can be in a single form or a composite of many words. It can even be an image that is impressed upon us - a logo. A word can be plain and visible or subliminal and veiled. It can be the word of a thing (outward statement) or the word in a thing (the real meaning). That is why we often use the term logo instead of word because it means so much more.

How we interpret logo or the intent of words is vitally important in regard to their true impact. A child may look up from his math homework and say, "Mommy, I have a problem." Or the Houston control station can receive a word from the space capsule, Apollo 13, "Houston, we have a problem." Yes there is a problem and then there is a problem! Words and how they are interpreted make a world of difference. One of your first steps in dream and goal fulfillment is understanding the powerful and pervasive way words and logo touches our lives.

An understanding of this concept should come even before you begin to write down any specific goals or dreams. Otherwise, you will not be weakened in your approach. A part of human difficulty involving words or logo is that they are used by us and on us every single day but somehow we have failed to identify them as the usable element in Logo Dynamics for our success and for achieving our desires. Until you see this for yourself you will go on with this valuable element being disregarded, used improperly or used on you in unappreciated ways.

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