Generally speaking, the same kind of granite stone according to the grade of stone blocks can be divided into several grades, such as general red on the basis of the source of different materials into A, B, C and other different grades. The same variety of granite between different grades of stone quality and price difference is very poor, so the classification of stone in stone purchase is very important.timber tech australia price list

The difference between the different grades of stone is the most effective way to compare the same level of stone to see the same level is difficult to see its advantages and disadvantages, but the different grades of stone together is easy to distinguish between what is better.recycle landscape price in Latvia

So when you decide to buy a kind of granite stone, the more comparison of several kinds of stone, see the kind of stone has no grading, optional material is fresh, more vivid colors, the structure is more dense level. Evaluation of the quality of the grinding stone The gloss of the stone is an important criterion for evaluating the quality of the stone.front porch railings wood

The size of the gloss depends, on the one hand, on the magnitude of the refractive index of the various minerals that make up the rock and, on the other hand, closely related to the microstructure of the stone surface. The same kind of granite stone its mineral composition is certain, the surface of the more smooth, less bump defects, the higher the gloss of the stone. The microstructure of the stone surface is determined by the quality of the grinding and polishing process.wood plastic outdoor tiles installation

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