Learning how to stop premature ejaculation Serexin Review  doesn't have to be a long and hard process. In fact, when you discover exactly what to do differently before and during sex to what you're doing at the moment, then knowing how to stop premature ejaculation is easy. And how great would it be if you did learn how to stop premature ejaculation? No more worrying about what your woman is really thinking. No more feeling embarrassed after every time it happens. No more dreading that your woman could be thinking of leaving because she can't take any more of your poor performance in bed.

Every time you masturbate you are teaching your body how long you would like it to last in bed. If you masturbate quickly most of the time, then when it comes to sex your body will react in the same way. Try making your masturbation time longer. I know this one sounds stupid, but if you want to know how to stop premature ejaculation then you've got to trust me on this one, because it works. While having sex try stroking the roof of your mouth with your tongue. This helps you to stop premature ejaculation in 2 ways. Firstly it distracts you from all the pleasure that's going on "down there" and secondly, it transfers energy away from your penis and up your body towards your mouth which means it takes longer to orgasm.

This is so simple. The key is doing it! Because if you don't urinate before sex your bladder could still be full. If your bladder is still full then this can put pressure on your ejaculatory system and therefore give you an orgasm quicker than you want. Every time you change positions you get a little recovery. Try and use this tactically so when you think you're getting close to premature ejaculation change the position and you'll find you've bought yourself some extra time before orgasm.

Have you ever noticed how during sex your muscles will tense up? And as you get closer and closer to orgasm they get even more tense? Well an easy way to stop premature ejaculation is to simply relax all those muscles. It's very easy to do. You've just got to become conscious of your muscles tensing up during sex and then allow them to relax. Simple.

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