Renewable Power and Alternative Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

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Rhetoric aside, oil remains the world's number one fuel. Warnings heralding the eventual depletion of the planet's natural resources still go largely unheeded as the global explorers and producers commit ever-increasing funds towards finding untapped reserves. Last year's Deepwater Horizon blowout lingers on but only in the various barely reported hearings on Capitol Hill whilst the moratorium on deep water drilling expires ever-so-quietly and the Exxon and Chevrons of the world return to the Gulf of Mexico.Atlantic Energy Research believe that the alternatives remain as viable now as they always were and continue to advocate the potential benefits both to the planet and the bank balances of investors willing to grasp the mettle of investing in the quest for alternative sources of energy.

Without doubt, the easy-to-find reserves of oil have already been found, hence the hazardous efforts that persist in the world's deepest oceans but, according to an Atlantic Energy Research specialist, "Easy oil is a thing of the past. The vast oil tar sands of Canada are a case in point considering the huge amounts of water required to extract the black gold from the natural deposits. 20 years ago, not only would it would have been unthinkable to utilize so much water to produce a barrel of water, there would have been widespread outrage at the effect of the processing on the environment and, yet, here we are, wringing every last drop of oil at God-knows-what-cost to the environment."

The firm seeks out investment opportunities for those keen to avail themselves of the potential for profit from the drive to reduce the world's dependency upon fossil fuels. "Change is inevitable so why not profit from it", suggests the company's literature. Recent IPOs have been within the following areas of alternative energy:Solar power - Harnessing the sun's rays into energy is probably the most widely known man's endeavors to find an alternative to crude oil and its derivatives. Most of the sunlight entering the Earth's atmosphere has not been absorbed and solar cells within solar panels convert sunlight into direct current energy through a photoelectric effect. As soon as light strikes the cell's surface, electrons are released and converted into cheap, usable electricity. Advances continue to be made thanks to initiatives spearheaded by global governments.

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