Psychic Predictions for Love - How to Tell If THIS Is the Year You'll Find Happiness

Said simply and succinctly, you can access Horoscope Bracelet 2019   altered states by channeling your future self, today. Picture yourself right now, 10 years down the road. What does your life look like? Who is around you? What do your days look like? All of this is available to us, if we begin to access the incredible intuition, and the karmic connection we all have to the spiritual adventure that is our lives. This technique is also really good for making important life decisions as well, as you can often "see" the outcomes of actions many years in advance... simply by reverse engineering where you see yourself THEN, versus what you are doing today that is laying the foundation for that future.

Lastly, don't discount using spiritual tools and techniques for a more advanced peek into your potential... and outcomes that may await you as well. Tarot readings can be amazingly enlightening... as can spiritual readings with authentic intuitives who can see, feel, sense and CONNECT with your karma... simply through the energy, aura, emotion or even the vibrational frequency they pick up from your voice.

The bottom line? There is MUCH more to life than we can see, hear or taste with our 5 senses. Sometimes, opening up a wider window into the wonderful and wacky world of expanded awareness is the best way to predict the future... and to truly dance in the direction of your destiny, once and for all. It's waiting for you one way or another - so choose well, and BE prepared!

The Zodiac Month Ahead Inspiring Infinite Truth What we all can expect from the forecast of our planetary skies 21 November to 21 December. A Meditaiton for Sagittairus "The souls of most Sagittarians are moved in an unconscious, if not conscious, manner by the intuitional forces of the light of truth that is beyond and above the brain organism. As a result, idealism is constantly carried as a current. In a world built up by critical, egotistic, and separative forces, criticism is condoned and accepted.

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