Overcome Big Obstacles That Appear Near Success

I am entering my sixteenth year  Mind System Secrets  in life insurance sales and agent training. From this perspective, it seems to me that our industry spends an awful lot of money and time testing agents to determine if they can succeed. Yet I believe the main ingredient for success in our business is one that a test can't measure. It is the ability to continue the task or mission at hand until it is completed.

This philosophy comes from a conversation I had during my first six months in the business. I was working in New York City and not exactly setting the world on fire in my new career. The conversation happened at about 10:30 p.m. in a taxi cab while I was on my way to meet some people at a nightclub. When I am in a cab, I usually tell the driver where to take me, and if he seems like a reasonable guy, I may ask a question or two about the route to my destination or the traffic. This particular driver was quite friendly, and we got to talking about his job and his family - he had four children at home.

It seemed awfully late for him to be working, and I asked him the time he started that day. He said he started at 9:00 a.m., and then he told me something that I will never forget....that he would not stop until he had put $500 in his pocket that day. I immediately said how much money do you need to finish your day? He told me that this could be his last fare. (Was he positioning me for a big tip?) I was so impressed with his candor and fortitude that I couldn't stop thinking about that conversation.

There had been so many days when I would get frustrated. I would come home, without accomplishing the goal I had set out for that day or week. How could I do that? Was I really happy with the results below my goals? Was I really in business or just going through the motions? There were so many questions I had about my character. The very next day I changed my attitude about my personal mission and my responsibility to myself. From then on, and even today, I write down my goals and what I believe I can accomplish in that day, and I don't go home until the goals are accomplished.

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