"Today I am doing something that an educational  7 Day Prayer Miracle Review expert told me several years ago could not be done. In a parent/teacher conference, her guidance counselor essentially told me my daughter was not capable of achieving a college diploma." The expression on the manager of the bookstore spoke the shock I had felt when I first heard those words.

It has been eight years since that conference but I remember with clarity the recommendation of that guidance counselor, "It would be better to guide your daughter away from classwork required for a high school diploma and work toward a vocational degree instead of a college degree..." Angered by the recommendation of her guidance counselor, I knew my daughter had a dream and a vision for her life. I decided to help her achieve the dream of earning a four year degree, as well as position her for a successful career. This year was the culmination of a major investment in her life as well as mine. We both learned things we never anticipated and achieved things beyond our expectations.

My daughter has been framed numerous times: birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, vacations, barbeques, and family gatherings. Convinced she is bound for success, I am thankful she was framed. Rosita Perez, author of "The Music is You," spoke about an expert who had made a similar but generic recommendation. Rosita followed the expert's directions with the hopes of achieving a particular goal; however, she found herself in quite a dilemma. However, she was determined to achieve her goal. My daughter is a lot like Rosita. I have heard Mrs. Perez declare, "There is no stopping a motivated woman!"

Perhaps a good reminder for all of us is a proverb from Zambia, "A good wind is no use to a sailor who doesn't know his direction." Burden down with responsibilities that will interfere with good decisive choices. The mind and body can only take so much. If left unattended for a certain amount of time then you are in big trouble. Do something about it as soon as possible so that the after effects will be kept down to a minimum.

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