Are you ready for a leap? Let's explore No BS Manifesting Course  how you can get ready. This is important to women business owners if you're not happy with the status quo, if your current business or life is causing you anxiety or worry; if you know you're cruising; or if you're bored. If this is you, then instead of justifying why you are where you are, and explaining how difficult it would be for you to leap. Instead of operating from a place of fear, lack or worry - I have a suggestion. Follow my top tips to get yourself ready! Top Tips to prepare yourself for an exciting (if fearful) leap: Review the times when you've taken a leap of faith, and explore your decision-making process. I'd like to bet it was not a very well thought out and deliberated decision, it just felt right, or you knew instinctively it would work?

Tap into your intuition and really listen to what it's telling you about your leap. That's the feeling or knowing that you get before reason and logic come in. Before your inner voice (or someone else's outer voice) kicks in and talks you out of it! Before you feel the need to explain why it's right for you. Explore your fears about the leap. Get curious about what's really behind your worry and fears. That you don't deserve the big rewards Get clear on the real cost of staying where you are now or taking mini steps and lots of time to move forward. Note the cost in terms of time, effort and money spent. I mean seriously add up all the £10, £49, £100+ you've been spending on short-term fixes. How much has it really cost you, and what have the rewards been.

Get very clear on what you want to achieve as a result of your leap. Quantify your results in terms of how you'll feel and where you'll be personally, professionally and financially. Take some action immediately when you're ready to take a leap, when where you are is no longer good enough, when it's costing you too much and taking you too long to achieve the success you really want. Apply for a free session with me, find a coach or mentor; do whatever necessary but do something before you talk yourself out of staying stuck or wanting more! To those about to leap "I salute you." And know I'm also here to support you. Do let me know how you're getting on with this.

In Iowa a father and son were having a discussion. The son had gone off to school at Stanford University, graduated near the top of his class, and he had started a small computer business. He was operating on a shoestring in this new start up, and he just received venture capital funding. He went back home for a funeral of a dear family friend. Afterwards, he went back to talk to his dad who was a farmer, and as his dad worked on the half-a-million combine, the son told his dad that he was worried about being able to succeed.

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