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Attending a support group with  Brain C-13 Review other PTSD sufferers can also be very helpful. People who have gone through traumatic events can often help each other work through their issues. People who have experiences similar to yours can perhaps "get" what you're going through better than people who haven't. Your counselor, therapist or psychiatrist probably knows of support groups you could join. In fact, many health care professionals who treat PTSD sufferers often facilitate these types of groups themselves.Medications also may be used to help treat your PTSD. Again, a physician or a psychiatrist will have to prescribe these medications -- often anti-anxiety meds -- and he or she will watch and work with you closely since not every PTSD sufferer is the same and different medications work differently with each patient.

PTSD can strike victims for seemingly "insignificant" trauma. Some women who are threatened with sexual assault who scare their attacker off before he can harm them can experience PTSD. Even though the rape never took place, the danger and threat of harm a woman experiences in this kind of situation can bring PTSD to the fore.Controlling ADHD without medication is an option for an increasing numbers of parents. As concerns grow about short and long term effects of ADHD medications, parents seek ways to manage ADHD symptoms without medication.It is important to know many choices do not cure ADHD, they only offer choices for controlling ADHD without medication.

An easy plan for controlling ADHD without medication is changing diet. Many supporters of alternative treatments for ADHD believe removing preservatives, and foods containing dyes and sugars, from your child's diet, can relieve symptoms of ADHD.Adding whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and fish (especially salmon which is high in omega-3) is also recommended to diminish symptoms of ADHD. While there are no studies to adequately support this, any improvement in diet will increase overall health which can alleviate symptoms of ADHD.Intense exercise has benefits that help control ADHD without medication. Exercise such as tennis, riding bikes, playing basketball or jump rope, burns excess energy.Additionally vigorous exercise increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain; these have a calming effect and improve focus, impulse control, and memory.

This form of therapy focuses on teaching children who suffer with ADHD coping skills. Children learn problem solving strategies, how to think and reason through problems, and organizational skills.Children who participate in this type of therapy not only learn important life skills, self esteem improves as they perform better in school and everyday life.ADHD affects the entire family. Children with ADHD have low self-esteem, behavioral issues, and sometimes depression. Parents are left frustrated not knowing how to deal with the behavioral problems, and other emotional problems associated with ADHD.When seeking options for controlling ADHD without medication, another way to treat symptoms of ADHD is through the use of homeopathic remedies. Many benefits are associated with treating ADHD with homeopathic remedies.

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