What are the general knowledge of waterproof construction decoration? Waterproof DIY uses baths, kitchens, sinks, and flower beds as examples. If water leakage occurs, consumers firstly clean up the construction surface, completely remove loose materials and oil stains, and paint as much as possible. If there is obvious lack of surface strength, it should be reinforced first, and then surface waterproof coating. Wet the construction surface and reach as much internal dryness as possible. DIY Steps Wet the construction surface, but do not collect water, and then coat it evenly and quantitatively. When brushing, each point must be cross-brushed with force, every 3 to 4 points should be brushed with a brush, in order to spread the thickness of the uniform, horizontal or vertical can be. The same applies for the second time, at least 4 to 8 hours (depending on temperature and ventilation). Only 48 hours after the completion of the reservoir or fish pond can the water be released. After the water is soaked for one day, the water should be drained and cleaned (if it is better to place a small amount of salt water), it can be used formally. The newly completed surface should not be exposed to the sun as much as possible. After the surface is initially coagulated, microscopic curing film can be sprayed.

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