Keeping It in the Family: The Identified Patient

Currently, there is no existing cure  Memory Hack  for schizophrenia, but there are antipsychotic medications with varied effects. Some cases will resist more than one medication. Typical antipsychotics can reduce psychosis and take 7 to 14 days to start working. Atypical antipsychotics are now preferred for initial treatment but can induce weight gain. Both types of medication are considered equally effective. The former type can, in rare cases, lead to potentially fatal neurological problems, and it is not yet known if the latter type does the same. Two countries, the United States and Australia, are legally allowed to administer medications to uncooperative patients who are otherwise stable and living within the community.

Some patients may in the long term do better by not taking antipsychotics. There are also therapies to alleviate symptoms which may have a greater appeal than medications and their side-effects. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, available since the mid 1990s, can increase self-esteem and insight. Brain scans have shown significant improvements in cognition when patients use this therapy. Family therapy is used to help patients socialize better in the context of a family system. The burden on the family is recognized. Creative therapies such as music therapy have some benefit.

The Soteria method is a community therapy that creates a stable, quiet space for people recovering from mental crises, with minimal medication. It is just as effective as full medication in some cases. Electroconvulsive Therapy still exists for patients who do not respond to other treatments, but it is not generally recommended. In addition to these methods, the Hearing Voices and Paranoia networks provide a self-help approach outside the mainstream medical model. As large support groups, they attempt to encourage responsibility and a positive self-image. Hospitals are increasingly working with these groups to help patients integrate back into society.

Dealing with ADD in teenagers can be a challenging time for many parents. Teenagers by nature are already difficult, looking to define their individuality and ADD only adds more obstacles to the whole situation. Adolescents will often be moody, close themselves up in their room, refuse to listen to any instructions or reason, and will do the exact opposite of what you say. The ADD symptoms will influence their ability to concentrate on their schoolwork, remember to do their chores, and make the right types of friends.

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