Anytime we claim lack in   Becoming Limitless Review anything (by our faith and belief in that "fact"), the Universe says yes, you are, and I am happy to oblige more lack for you to prove to yourself you are in lack, as you BELIEVE. Anytime we claim we are in want, then we shall truly be supplied more want. You put yourself out of the realm of having when you claim you want. You do not believe you have and so you do not have.Change your words. They are the flesh for you to spring your thoughts into manifestation, action and results. You believe you are outside of your desire, instead of being your desire.Having and claiming you have your desire is now consciousness, living your desire that you had separated yourself from is now as it was from the beginning. You must choose to discontinue believing in "your" lack. You must choose to discontinue "wanting" because you are saying to your Super-conscious mind, I wish I could but I can't and so it is.

The Universe agrees with your thought because that's Its purpose. Thoughts are power, thoughts are things and thoughts are not neutral. The Universe agrees with you on everything YOU believe to be true even though it may not be. The Universe is for you. The Universe backs you up every time.Those of us who immerse ourselves in the Self Help industry throw around great-sounding buzz words all day: Action, Achievement, Confidence, Determination, Enthusiasm, Perseverance (we love that one), Wisdom, Zeal, etc. Check it out, I'm so in love with these words, I even capitalize them as though they are proper names.

However, there is one thing - in our Haste - that we often neglect to touch on. One thing that, if overlooked, will render every capitalized buzz word in our vocabulary ineffective. This one thing is HARD WORK. Good, old fashioned, get down and dirty, hard work.You can have all the intelligence, education, common sense, self confidence, and, yes, Perseverance, in the world. But if you are not willing to roll up your sleeves and work, it will all be for naught. Things that are worth having seldom just fall into our laps. Promotions at work, increased traffic on websites, larger paychecks - they are all things we want very much to familiarize ourselves with. Waiting for them to magically materialize, however, will just lead to disappointment.

Think of three things you want in life. Whether they are personal or professional in nature does not matter. In fact, if you are like most of us, you will have a mixture of the two. At the top of a piece of paper, write (in all capital letters), DREAMS, then divide your paper, horizontally, into thirds. Give each third a number, 1 through 3.Beside each number, write one specific thing you want to bring about in your life. The more specific you can be, the better. You would no't tell your daughter, as she heads out for a date, Sweetie, be home sometime this evening. Heck no! You say, Be back before 11:00. Specific. Definite. No wiggle room. Treat yourself the same way. No wiggle room.

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