Inflammation of Knees - No Need to Suffer From This Agonizing Pain?

When it comes to pain management, often Nerve Renew Review  traditional treatments such as medications, which have unwanted side effects, and surgery, which can be quite cost prohibitive and downright dangerous, many wonder if there is a safe and effective means to obtain the relief they so desire---preferably one that gets to the root of the problem, and not just mask the symptoms. Enter the relatively new kid on the block--BioCranial. The BioCranial System was developed by Dr. Robert Boyd, D.O., of the United Kingdom. BioCranial Treatment is quickly gaining the credibility it deserves among lay people and professionals alike, for good reason.

A BioCranial treatment, or correction, is relatively inexpensive and only takes a few minutes to accomplish, often with very noticeable results. This may vary from individual to individual, depending on their condition and need. With BioCranial, there is no jerking, popping or thrusting, with many reporting it feels like a good neck and shoulder stretch. Others report feeling more relaxed with a deep sense of peace and well-being when finished. Often these results last hours after the treatment, and can be partially attributed to the stimulation of the vagus nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system. One might wonder if most stressed out Americans may not benefit from a little vagus nerve stimulation on a regular basis!

BioCranial Correction is a procedure performed to enable the bones of the cranium, or skull, to approach their ideal position. This is necessary, as Dr.Boyd observed, for reasons not fully understood, in that there are distortions in the cranium, or skull, right from birth and these distortions create abnormal nerve transmission.

This then results in the reduced function of organs elsewhere in the body. BioCranial, through making corrections in the distorted cranium, is a great tool to increase the functioning in the human body, resulting in increased wellness and performance excellence. This is an extremely precise and focused protocol that yields powerful results, affecting the entire spine and nervous system. Since the central nervous system is a major controller of all the functions of the body, all functions are improved.

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