Testo Drive 365 combination of proteins When: perfect for after training at night TO KNOW MORE 4. SELECTION OF EXERCISES Avoid isolation exercises or too frequent training on machines. If you want to gain muscle mass, you must work with free weights; In your training plan to increase mass you can not miss basic exercises such as deadlifts, bench presses, squats and shoulder presses. Thanks to the execution of complex sequences of movements, several muscular groups are being worked on at the same time, which are strengthened in a controlled manner. In this way, you can specifically establish the necessary growth stimulus and work on numerous muscle fibers at the same time. The selection of exercises at a glance: Free weights instead of isolation exercises Emphasize basic exercises Here we also present other exercises to get you in shape that can be integrated without problems in the training plan to gain muscle mass. 5. VOLUME AND INTENSITY OF TRAINING To increase muscle mass, the most effective training is to do between 3 and 6 repetitions maximum (maximum strength) . However, the most important criterion of the training plan to gain muscle mass is progression (permanent weight gain). Only a controlled stimulus for mass increase can be achieved if strength is gained in each workout and work is carried out with increasing weight. Regarding the training volume, no more than 12-16 work series should be carried out throughout the training. Without a doubt, less is more! As the program to gain muscle mass consists mainly of complex basic exercises , it is sufficient to perform 3 to 4 exercises at most per day of training. You may also be interested in knowing what category you are in according to your weight. Find out with our BMI table. FIND OUT EVERYTHING ABOUT THE IMC HERE The motto of training to gain muscle mass is: less is more. The number of series per exercise must not exceed 5 in any case . Of course, to avoid injury, it is important to prepare for the high intensity of effort before each exercise with 1 or 2 warm-up sets . Volume and intensity of training at a glance: 1-2 warming series before each exercise 3-4 exercises per training session 3-6 repetitions 6. PAUSE TIME To guarantee a complete regeneration between the maximum force series, pauses of 120 to 180 seconds

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