How to Turn Failure Into Success - 4 Practical Tips For Students

By learning and doing a task gives No BS Manifesting Course   you skills, the more you do this the better you become at it. Your ability increases each time it is practiced when care and attention is given. Mistakes made are lessons to be learnt from, to be corrected and their application refined. By having a goal to improve yourself, your skills and ability leads you to; The Fourth Step; Confidence, this is not the arrogant type, but the one in which gives an assurance within you and spreads to those in your circle. By growing in confidence, decisions are made with boldness, achieving better results, resulting in more confidence= Growth. This ties into the final progression

'Initiative and usefulness! By taking the initiative you are adding value to those around you, this is attractive and admired. You become a leader in your own way, to become a person valued in your community, profession, those you deal with and more importantly to your loved ones. As you can see, success is a progressive movement. Sometimes success comes to some quicker than others. Other times you fall, to pick yourself up and start again gaining character and strength! Everything is possible, nothing is impossible unless you believe that in your own mind... You have to first become that person that attracts what you want into your life, which is success (what ever that means to you)!

Not only did the animals enter Noah's ark two-by-two, success too is a two-by-two game. Creating affirmations and living them out, as well as affirmation--of itself--regarding life goals, are both important. But without application to the perspective of life, outcomes bear little or no resemblance to our preconceived notions of success. Success is very thin at these flighty non-applied heights and it's certainly not sustainable so we often give up. Try failing to live out a dream ten or fifteen times and we soon see ourselves as failures in our ventures toward success. We simply miss a vital ingredient.

I recall this was one of the criticisms of the early Lou Tice-styled success material; it relied on too much of what behaviourists might call 'antecedent overload.' Positive thinking gurus too have focused perhaps too much on the mental inputs to the exclusion of the actual practice of disciplined action--one foot in front of the other toward the logical end goal. We must not only think ourselves into acting differently (i.e. affirmations) we must also act ourselves into thinking differently. It's not an either/or situation but a both/and formula that engenders our best chances of success. We must quite plainly utilise all our ingenuity, drive and positive thinking if we're to draw success, and none of this will happen without a lot of resilience; as AC/DC say in their song, 'It's a long way to the top if you want to rock 'n' roll.'

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