How to Get Rid of Your Flabby Stomach in Seven Days Or Less

Take advantage of New Year momentum. There's Acai Berry Select Diet Review nothing quite like it. At New Year there is a clarity that you don't get at other times of the year. You can see all the reasons why you should lose weight. Now you need to take all that energy, all that determination and spread it out over the next few months. There will be times when you are wondering why on earth you are dieting. Write down the reasons why you want your 2010 diet to work FOR LIFE and keep them close to hand for moments of weakness.In New Year 2009 I made a pledge with a friend to lose weight. I found that it really helped to motivate me at low points.

Use the strength of a friend to help you lose weight in 2010. If there's no-one close who wants to embark on a diet then draw on the strength of family, it's what they are there for. If there are no family and friends around then consider joining a gym. As well as helping you lose weight I found that the social aspect was superb. You are hanging around like minded individuals which helps you keep focus.Imagine yourself at the end of 2010 and not attempting to diet. I did this visionary exercise at the start of 2009 and found by imagining what would change if I did nothing really helped to motivate me. Look past New Year, into the summer and think how great you are going to look.

I see far too many people go into restrictive mode when they want to shed some pounds. If you find food pleasurable and you are getting a great deal of your total daily pleasure from food, restricting food means you are restricting your pleasure. Yikes! This is especially true if you feel you are addicted to certain foods. Instead of restricting your pleasure, I highly recommend adding alternate, inedible sources of pleasure that you find truly satisfying. Dropping the restrictive mentality and adopting one of plenty will not only help you lose weight, it will help you maintain it.

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