Herbal Medication For Depression Can Work

Unfortunately, the doctor did not take the time  Brain C-13 Review to run all of the necessary tests. Since I did not do enough research to know any better, I allowed him to be diagnosed ADHD, just based on observation. I could just kick myself now, as I look back on it. I should have demanded a brain scan, blood tests, allergy tests, psychological testing, mineral deficiency tests, etc... I just trusted the doctor to know what he was doing. Big mistake.

Daniel started taking Focalin XR, last year. It was effective in keeping him focused at school. It made little difference at home, however. He still struggled with impulsiveness, anger and keeping still long enough to do homework. After doing a lot of research and learning that being on medication could create a dependence that could lead to later illegal substance abuse, I got scared. We took Daniel off of the medication and are seeking alternative routes to treating his ADHD symptoms.

I've seen it so many times. The kids and I will be playing at a park, shopping in a store or at a school function and we see a child who is being a complete brat. The mom will flush and say something like, "He has ADHD." Oddly enough, that same child will be seen eating junk food for lunch and is known for the ability to quote whole episodes of Transformers. Hello? If the kid really does have ADHD, why isn't he on a restricted diet? Why is he obviously consuming way too much television, known to worsen ADHD symptoms?

I know why and so do you. It is an out...a way for parents to justify the bad behavior and not have to put effort into parenting. Now, before you get hot under the collar and yell at me, know this: I do believe that ADD/ADHD and other common childhood disorders are real. My own son was diagnosed with ADHD, among other things. However, we do not use it an excuse to allow him to act out. He also knows that if he chooses to act out, that there will be consequences. Maybe not the same consequences that his siblings without ADHD are subject to, but one that is tailored to his need for patient, gentle discipline and a large amount of teaching/redirecting.

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