Healthy Intimacy and Relationships in Recovery Pt 1

Be rest assured, unless  Provitazol Review  you have an unhealthy sexual addiction, you are entitled to enjoy it whether it be sole satisfaction (masturbation) or mutual satisfaction with a loving partner. How do you achieve that open communication? First of all take time to talk away from the bedroom and away from any distractions. Agree together that you both desire open communication about intimacy and agree to not be offended if the other person shares that you were not satisfying them in a certain area.

This open communication is not about pointing out the other persons faults or anything negative, but to share with them ultimately how you desire them to please you. Share with each other the places you like to be touched or not touched. Teach them to listen and watch for your verbal and body language to know if you are being pleased.

Share with each other fantasies and things you may have wanted to try. If you both mutually agree to try them, then all the better. If one partner is not agreeable then perhaps it stays a fantasy. Do not let the fact that one of you may not be interested in the same fantasy or the same positions, etc. For example, some women love anal sex, others despise it and it is taboo. You need to respect the other person's wishes and not pressure them into doing anything they are not comfortable with. Pleasurable intimacy is all about being pleased mutually, not 'giving one for the team' and doing something that you are totally not normally willing to do.

Please note I am not a licensed therapist nor am I a medical professional. This article is merely for guideline purposes and not intended to substitute a licensed professional.How passionate are you about your marriage? As you know, marriage without sexual intimacy is a sign of hidden problems. My next question then is how passionate are you about your sex bed? Is it sizzling, hot, lukewarm, cold, non-exciting or non-existent? Whatever position it may be, there is always room for improvement. And this you need to do and urgently in order to bring back that romantic fire that was there when you were newly wedded

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