Fibromyalgia - Living Your Best Life - Part 3 - Exercise

Today's professional women often face Nerve Renew Review  this dilemma. Lawyers stand in court all day, business executives race through airports, and real estate agents are going up and down stairs showing houses. When you consider that all of that activity often takes place in painfully uncomfortable shoes, it is no wonder so many women professionals are looking for new shoe solutions.

If you can wear tennis shoes while walking to work and then switch into heels, great! But many jobs demand all day style. The first question is what causes foot pain with fashionable shoes? The second question is how do you find comfortable shoes that will compliment a business and professional attire? We'll answer those questions so you can make better shoe choices. One of the most frequent types of foot pain related to women's shoes is pain in the ball of the foot. Often this is simply because the heel height jacks the foot up so high that abnormal forces damage the joints in the toes. In fact, high heels can triple or quadruple the pressure on the ball of the foot. This pressure causes hammertoes, dislocation of joints in the feet, and even stress fractures in the metatarsal bones.

Another common culprit is the shape of the toe box. A pointed toe box squishes those little piggies causing bunion pain, ingrown toenails or even hammertoes. Friction blister or thick callouses may start to form in response to the rubbing or those toes in the cramped toe box. A round or square toe box allows more natural movement for the toes is generally less likely to cause trouble.

Heel pain is also often related to fashionable shoes. Believe it or not, both high heels and really low heels can cause this problem. Ballet style shoes and flimsy sandals have no support and almost no heel. This can lead to excess tension on a big ligament on the bottom of the foot called the plantar fascia. The area where the ligament attaches to the heel bone will start to pull with every step and become irritated from walking in these shoes. This leads to a common form of heel pain called plantar facscitis. It's the most common cause of morning heel pain in women.

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