Colon Cleanse Product - How to Choose the Right Colon Cleanse Product

The first body detox diet is the Diuretic Diet.  Miracle Moringa Review The aim of this diet is to help the body excrete fluids mainly through the urinary system. It can also reduce a certain amount of body fats. Food choices in this detox diet are melon, parsley, artichoke, celery, watercress, asparagus, dandelion, and juniper berries. Coffee and tea are very good diuretic beverages, just make sure that you choose the types that are good for the body.

Next is the Hallelujah Diet, which consists only of raw foods. People might see this body detox diet as a tremendous shift as far as eating habits are concerned, although there is an option to allow 15% of your food consumption to be cooked, which should only be taken at the last meal of the night. This diet does not have any breakfast in its eating plan, although you can opt to drink fresh vegetable juices as an alternative. You might find it hard to adapt to this diet, but you can do it gradually by replacing your breakfast with fresh salads of fruit and vegetables and milk.

The Juiec Fast is another type that is based on liquids. Basically, you can drink fruit juices and vegetable juices, or a mixture of both. This is not only helpful in your whole body detox quest, but it can also supply the body with the much needed amounts of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. The enzymes acquired are a great aid in the digestive processes of the body, where production of other digestive enzymes can be minimized.

Another detox diet is the Master Cleanse Diet. Just like the previous diet, you have to drink a special concoction, which is a mixture of cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and lemon juice in a glass of water. You might be wondering what the sweet maple syrup is doing in the mixture, but don't worry, it is proven to control toxins that were stored in the body as fats, thus transforming them into energy that can be used later on.

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