Bring Solar Power Into a Home With New Products for 2016

If you do gift, gift green by shopping for Backyard Revolution Review recycled or organically-made clothing, toys or even jewelry and electronics! Check out for more green gift inspirations. Burn candles for a cozy glow around your home while you save energy. Just remember to stay away from paraffin-based wax. Opt for soy, vegetable wax or beeswax, which are all biodegradable. (Candles in jars can produce soot in the home and air.) They may be popular, but try to avoid them if possible.

Use real dishes and flatware, instead of serving food on paper or Styrofoam at holiday parties. If there aren't enough to go around, use recycled paper products, or use plastic plates and cups, which can be washed and used over and over again. Cheap cloth napkins are also a great alternative and a bit fancier. Choose darker colors when buying for staining. This can become a year round ritual saving you green and being green...

Send an e-card with a photo of your family and a holiday wish, or an e-vite if you are hosting a party, instead of wasting paper (and stamps!) on traditional greeting cards. In today's society texting and emailing are growing in popularity. Nothing beats the sound of your voice... Calling is free. A quick happy holiday well wishing will make distant family and friends feel a lot warmer this winter.

Outside of the environment but still within yours, try saving money this year! It's a hard thing to do with so much commercial pressure to perform and give bigger and better to so many on your list... Try changing this tradition now little by little to transition. Get your family involved and especially the children. Instead of five thousand gifts under the tree can you make it four thousand? It seems many have forgotten the meaning of Christmas and it's turned so commercial and stressful for a lot of families. We live what we create and we're responsible for our own environments in which we build. My daughter asked me tonight if we can go caroling this year. I sadly laughed and explained that people just don't do that anymore... It was a part of yester-year and unfortunately times have changed. It sounded like fun though as I'm still a big kid.

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