Then we got to work, we did everything  No BS Manifesting Course  we could possibly think of to find the right people for our company. Five months later we qualified for this trip and at the end of the qualification period we had come in second place and had earned upgraded accommodations, free product and an extra excursion. We also helped 8 other business partners of ours qualify and go on this trip with us. Every time our thoughts or the evidence around us started to look like this goal was not going to come about. We did all we could to not dwell on or even allow doubt to stay with us for very long we would turn on the video that we had made listen to our goal stories and dream about being on the trip with our friends.

We had many late nights where evidence appeared as if a sub goal would not be achieved but miracles happened and we had many very last-minute deals materialize that would help us or one of our business partners reach the goal just in the Knick of time. During this time, I did not really understand the Law of Perpetual Transmutation I just knew I wanted to be on this trip, and nothing was going to stop me from achieving that goal. As I reflect now, I am able to clearly see how this law completely made it possible for us to achieve this goal and help so many others as well.

In the past we had always been trying to reach our money goals with a very vague idea of what it was for and every time evidence proved it was just out of our reach we would wallow in doubt, frustration and failure. Thus, causing a huge set back in our goals. As soon as we got laser focused on something specific and refused to entertain doubt miracles happened month after month to help us achieve the ultimate goal. That is how perpetual transmutation works. You set your sight on a goal then you never doubt, you go about your business do what you can to help your goal along then just keep believing. As long as you keep believing your goal will keep coming toward you as you go toward it.

Remember when you were in high school or even elementary school you used to get a report card every few months? If you behaved, did your homework and studied, you might have received a B or even an A. But if you slacked off in some or every way you most likely had to explain to your parents why you got a D or even an F. Basically, your grade was your teacher's opinion or rating of how they felt you were doing with your responsibilities, actions, and behaviors. Think you are still getting report cards today when you are in your 30's or even your 60's? Oh, the teachers have most likely retired or have moved on to new classes and different students but trust me, life is still giving you a report card- every day, every month and yes, every year.

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