Alternative Energy Utilization - Japan Shows the Way

However, due to the meltdowns  ​Backyard Revolution Review​​​ in Japan after their big Earthquake and Tsunami, once again, the powers that be and their citizenry are having second thoughts.

Does this open the door up for other alternative energy projects? Yes, and capital is being re-directed as we speak, as many nuclear power plants in the planning or construction phase have been put on hold and everyone is taking a wait and see approach. "Safety First" is suddenly back in vogue, perhaps to the point of absurdity considering how careful everyone already is in the sector when it comes to designing and building new nuclear power plants.

There have been many very telling articles concerning the challenges going forward for Nuclear Power. In the short-term, this is a complete and utter disaster for the nuclear power generation industry. One article perhaps, a little hard on the industry was in the Daily Bell on March 15, 2001 titled; "The End of Nuclear Power," where the author notes a quote from the "Globe and Mail" stating; "Power utilities had launched proposals for more than 300 new reactors, most of them in Asia, and dozens were under construction," and then indicates it's all a wash now.

Already, Germany had stopped all discussion on the applications for Nuclear Plants and Upgrades pending further review, originally it was postponed after the Japanese nuclear plant meltdowns for three months, now with all the anti-nuclear protests who knows, could be 5-10 years. In the Philippines they've halted a major nuclear power plant project. In the US Lawmakers have postponed the hearings on the latest permits for several new nuclear power plants, and in Sweden a plan to store spent fuel rods is getting cancelled.

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