ADHD Parenting: Five Positive Parenting Tips

You can obtain omega-3 from deep Inteligen Advanced Brain Formula   sea fish like salmon, but make sure to limit your consumption to two servings a meal. Ocean pollution increases the toxic levels of deep sea fish, and even farm-raised salmon is not safe from neurotoxin contamination. Only buy your fish from manufacturers or farmers who guarantee low or no toxic metals. You can also turn to vegetable sources of omega-3 fats, like raw walnuts, flaxseed, and green vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, and Brussel sprouts. Try to avoid or eliminate the consumption of trans fatty acids and omega-6 fats from hydrogenated vegetable oil, as these tend to interfere with the health benefits of omega-3 fats.

If you think you're not getting enough omega-3s from your diet, buy a pharmaceutical grade omega-3 supplement with DHA and EPA. These are the long-chain omega-3 fats that form the structure of the cells and brain. Not sure how to tell the quality of your omega-3 supplements? The best supplements are cold-pressed to preserve the fragile omega-3 fats and are derived from salmon, tuna, and mackerel. In modern society, with the great pressure from work, study, and life, more and more people begin to suffer from psychological problems, in which depression is one of the most common symptoms. In fact, some ordinary foods in our daily life can help us relieve the depression.

First, deep-sea fish: Study found that people who live near the sea are much happier than other people in the world. One of the important reasons is that they often eat fish. The research from Harvard University showed that the Omega-3 fish fatty acids contained in deep-sea fish have a similar effect with the commonly used antidepressant drugs such as lithium carbonate, which can block the pathways of nerve conduction and increase the secretion of serotonin.

Second, whole-wheat bread: Whole-wheat bread is rich in carbohydrates, which can help increase the serotonin. Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology said: "Some people take whole-wheat bread as a kind of antidepressant. This is very scientific." Third, grapefruit: The large amounts of vitamin C in grapefruit not only can maintain the concentration of red blood cells and improve the immunity of the body, but also can help people resist against pressure. What's the most important is, vitamin C is also one of the important ingredients in the production of dopamine and epinephrine.

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