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Frankly, I can go for days at a time not  Hypnosis Bootcamp Review realizing if it's Monday or Thursday. I don't have a hump day, as so many workers call Wednesday. Seldom do I sigh with relief and say, "Thank heaven, today's Friday!" I don't grow uptight as Sunday night gently ushers itself in, while solemnly dreading the Monday to come. None of these days have their customary, widespread cultural significance because I report to myself. My time is my own, literally. I bought it back the moment I dedicated my life to consulting, to writing and speaking, and to training people on a contract basis. I am a contingent worker, a glorified temp, someone that comes and goes and seldom looks back, wistfully. And I love it, I'm hooked on it, and whenever I test a different format for my life, it somehow doesn't compute.

Like so many classroom teachers, I'm delighted to see a new crop of clients to advise or to train or to guide, and then with the proper passage of time after a successful engagement, I'm just as pleased seeing the back of their heads as we part company. Really and truly, I don't want to report to work at the same place day after day. I left traditional college teaching because they believe their professors should abide by the clock, planning to invest an entire career on one campus. But committing to a routine that lasts, minimally nine months or a year at a time, is depressing.

I can honestly say, most of the time, I'm off the clock, at least officially. Of course, when I take on consulting projects, I rent certain units of time, agreeing to deadlines, and vowing, when necessary, to be certain places at definite times, and almost without fail, I am on time or just a little early. And I still teach through colleges, but for only a day or two at a time, offering short seminars that interest me. When those engagements are done, the clock is mine, once more. An hour ago, I had no idea I was going to write this article. It came as a pleasant surprise, but it was easy to sandwich into a day that has no temporal boundaries.

Many people aren't cut out for my lifestyle. They require more predictability. They relish routines and feel they wouldn't accomplish enough if they relinquished the tyranny of the clock; freedom would simply overwhelm them with anxiety. But the same folks are unlikely to grow rich, because people who are compensated for their time, even professionals that earn hundreds of dollars per hour, only have so much clock time to leverage. When they run out of time to sell, they have nothing else, and their energies are generally dissipated, too. Contrast this with the fact that I only need a good idea or two per year and the peace of mind, and yes, the free time to bring them to life.

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